Tuesday, June 19th at the Design Exchange, 234 Bay Street, Toronto

More than two hundred business leaders, entrepreneurs and policy makers who are shaping Canada’s energy future will gather at the fourth annual National Energy Roundtable in Toronto for discussions on The Future of Utilities.

Canada is uniquely positioned to be an energy power, yet to achieve its potential, it must manage energy transition, including implementing new energy systems and technologies and establishing norms for inter provincial energy cooperation. As the country’s energy needs expand a thoughtful path forward is needed that includes an energy mix that provides grid integrity, affordable electricity, heating and transportation, while keeping pace with the technological innovations that consumers demand.

With carbon regulations rolling out across Canada, the business case for technological innovation and energy management is stronger than ever. Canada’s electricity generation alone, 80% of which is GHG free, requires $350 billion in investment over the next twenty years to replace aging infrastructure and develop the next generation of energy systems.

The National Energy Roundtable will explore the role of utilities in facilitating innovation and economic growth, while addressing the impacts of climate change via the electrification of the economy. The conference will convene prominent members of the energy ecosystem for discussions on the following topics:

  • The modern utility – economic and regulatory drivers
  • The innovation dividend: Navigating disruption in the power and utilities sectors
  • The digital utility
  • Consumer driven energy systems

A principal goal of the conference is to promote thoughtful dialogue between business and government officials from across the country on the responsibilities, challenges and opportunities in this space to assist the development of sound public policy and business decision-making.

Now in its fourth year, The National Energy Roundtable convenes prominent members of the energy ecosystem for thought-provoking discussion on the important issues and opportunities of our time.

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Jason Langrish

Jason Langrish

President, The Energy Roundtable
Dawn Farrell

Dawn Farrell

President & CEO, TransAlta
Brian Bentz

Brian Bentz

President & CEO, Alectra Utilities
Cynthia Hansen

Cynthia Hansen

Executive Vice President, Utilities and Power Operations, Enbridge
Monica Rovers

Monica Rovers

Head of Energy Global Business Development, Toronto Stock Exchange
Jeffrey Lyash

Jeffrey Lyash

President & CEO, Ontario Power Generation
Terry Harvill

Terry Harvill

President, ITC Grid Development LLP
Dennis Fotinos

Dennis Fotinos

Executive Chairman, Enwave Energy Corporation
Jan Teichmann

Jan Teichmann

Vice President, Global Markets, Fluence
Tom Clark

Tom Clark

Chair, Public Affairs & Communications, Global Public Affairs
Maureen Daschuk

Maureen Daschuk

Senior Vice President, Integrated Planning, BC Hydro
Tony O'Hara

Tony O'Hara

Chief Technology Officer & Vice President, Engineering, NB Power
Terry Young

Terry Young

Vice President, Policy, Engagement and Innovation, Independent Electric System Operator (IESO)

Print programme

2018 Programme

Tuesday, June 19th – Design Exchange, 234 Bay Street, Toronto

MC tbc
8:00 am Registration opens. Breakfast served
8:30 am Welcome by Monica Rovers, Head of Energy Business Development, Toronto Stock Exchange
8:35 am Energy Ministers panel

  • Interviewed by veteran journalist Tom Clark, Vice Chair, Global Public Affairs
9:15 am Session I: The modern utility

20% of Canada’s energy needs are powered by electricity and complex work is ongoing with rate-focused regulators to spur innovation and growth. However, organic expansion can be challenging and larger utilities are seeking growth by swallowing up smaller companies outside their home regions. In so doing, utilities can gain a competitive edge through M&A but will have to convince regulators that the transactions will produce meaningful efficiencies and synergies that deliver benefits for ratepayers and investors, while improving transmission and distribution networks. The panel will explore key trends and developments underlying the electric and natural gas utility sector, including drivers of M&A activity (and insights into what recent deals reveal about the future of the sector), transition and integration planning, helping to meet climate targets, supporting shifts in types of transport and in the development of remote regions and cross border energy trade.

  • Brian Bentz, President & CEO, Alectra Utilities
  • Cynthia Hansen, Executive Vice President, Utilities and Power Operations, Enbridge
  • Terry Harvill, President, ITC Grid Development LLP
10:15 am Address by Dawn Farrell, President & CEO, TransAlta
10:45 am Networking break

11:15 am


Session II: The innovation dividend: Navigating disruption in the power and utilities sectors

We live in an age of disruption — when new technology and behavioral shifts that would have seemed unimaginable even a few years ago are transforming the way we live. Surviving and thriving in a rapidly changing power and utilities sector isn’t simply about the importance of demand and new fuel sources, or about regulatory or societal pressures. It’s about envisioning different futures and then responding accordingly when disruptions have the potential to upend core beliefs. The increasing integration and evolution of cleantech and high tech solutions is creating rapidly growing markets for new products, from autonomous vehicles and energy storage to advanced buildings/cities to smart grids. The panel will examine how utilities and disrupters are addressing technical challenges and contributing to a lasting transformation of the energy sector.

  • Maureen Daschuk, Senior Vice President, Integrated Planning, BC Hydro
  • Jan Teichmann, Vice President, Global Markets, Fluence
  • Terry Young, Vice President, Policy, Innovation & Engagement, IESO
12:00 pm Luncheon with speaker tbc
1:30 pm Interview with Jeffrey Lyash, President & CEO, Ontario Power Generation

2:00 pm


Session III: The digital utility                                                                                        

Digital technologies are set to make energy systems more connected, intelligent, efficient, reliable and sustainable, triggering new business models and regulatory frameworks. Data collection and exchange are growing exponentially, creating cyber security threats but also valuable opportunities. The competition for customers is shifting to the online channel; Blockchain and the Internet of Things promises new product and management options. Entrants from the digital economy are disrupting the industrial landscape, while governments and regulatory bodies seek to encourage smarter measuring systems and greener standards for generation and consumption. To thrive amid these challenges, today’s utilities face a digital transformation of their organization and business. Panelists will discuss the industrial implications of the digital energy revolution, the new business models needed to make the best of it, and the policy frameworks required to facilitate all these developments.

  • Tony O’Hara, Chief Technology Officer & VP, Engineering, NB Power
  • Additional speakers tbc
3:00 pm Session IV: Consumer driven energy systems                                                                          

The electricity sector lags the progress that other sectors have made in customer engagement and the everyday use of advanced analytics to generate value from data. But change is coming quickly, and it’s clear that the sector will look dramatically different in a decade or so. As utilities pursue these opportunities, the effects are already being felt by retail customers. Many utilities have launched mobile applications for bill notification, presentment, and payment, as well as for outage management. Mobile applications are extending into smart homes and connected buildings. The grid is evolving to integrate intermittent generation from the consumer. Gaining an understanding of consumer adoption of new technologies such as solar and electric vehicles is essential as these and other distributed energy resources introduce increased variability in the supply and demand relationship for energy. The panel will explore how to unlock technological benefits and encourage investment and innovation in areas that will forever change the way consumers use energy.

  • Dennis Fotinos, Executive Chairman, Enwave Energy Corporation
  • Additional speakers tbc
4:00 pm Close by Jason Langrish, President, The Energy Roundtable


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Photos from the 2017 National Energy Roundtable