Marzia Zafar is the Director of Policy & Strategy at Kaluza. Marzia brings a wealth of Energy and Policy experience to Kaluza having spent over 20 years working on policies and strategies to enable the energy transition for regulators, business and not for profit sectors. In her most recent role, Marzia was Director of Insights at the World Energy Council and led a team of global energy experts on unlocking opportunities related to the energy transition. Prior to that, Marzia worked for Sempra Energy in Los Angeles and was a policy advisor for California’s energy regulator in San Francisco. Here she was instrumental in their smart meter rollout and in the early regulatory work to help legitimise ride sharing companies including Uber and Lyft. In her new role as Kaluza’s Head of Customer Strategy & Policy, Marzia will ensure that the consumer remains at the heart of the transition to a decarbonised energy system. Marzia has a degree in Business and Accounting from San Diego University, California.