Alberta’s Economic Future

Free Live Virtual Event
Wednesday, July 15th at 9:00am MDT

Covid 19, coupled with a global energy price war, has had a profound impact on energy markets and the economies that rely on them. While the implications of the current downturn will play out for months and years to come, a few key elements are becoming evident. The first and most profound impact has been a dramatic drop in demand for energy, be it oil, gas or power. This has left the government and businesses scrambling to develop contingency plans to handle an emergency that is without a clear end in sight.

One thing is certain – a successful strategy for coping with the turmoil will entail flexibility, constant re-evaluation and refinement of strategy, economic diversification and a rethink of the provinces fiscal regime to ensure a resilient economy so that Alberta can be well placed to take advantage of emerging opportunities once the pandemic, and price wars, are finally behind us.

On July 15th The Energy Roundtable’s virtual event on Alberta’s Economic Future provided a detailed review of the changes brought about by Covid 19 and global price wars and the implications for the province’s economy. Topics included:

  • The impact of Covid / energy oversupply on the provinces finances and employment numbers
  • A wave of industry consolidation is predicted. What will this mean for employment in the energy sector?
  • Will the deteriorating fiscal situation in Alberta mean a rethink of the province’s taxation regime?
  • Initiatives governments considering as a way to diversify the economy and stimulate economic development
  • With the automation of manufacturing, the resources sector remained the one sector where people without advanced education have been able to earn high incomes. Now that this is coming to an end what will be the implications for politics in Alberta, and Canada?
  • Where stimulus spending will flow into the Alberta economy and what it will look like
  • In response to investor demands for more detailed information as it pertains to sustainability, will Alberta develop its own ESG framework, or will companies do this on a case by case basis?
  • Does the Covid crisis mean supply chains will become more localized? If so, what does this mean from a logistics and cost perspective?

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Joan Hertz

Joan Hertz

Board Chair, ATB Financial
David Knight-Legg

David Knight-Legg

Principal Advisor to the Premier of Alberta
Thomas Timmins

Thomas Timmins

Partner; Leader, Energy Sector Group (Canada), Gowling WLG
Elan MacDonald

Elan MacDonald

Senior Vice President, Global Public Affairs
Dr. Jack Mintz

Dr. Jack Mintz

Chair, Alberta Economic Recovery Council
Martha Hall Findlay

Martha Hall Findlay

Chief Sustainability Officer, Suncor Energy
Jason Langrish

Jason Langrish

President, The Energy Roundtable


Chair Thomas Timmins, Partner; Leader, Energy Sector Group (Canada) Gowling WLG
9:00 am Welcome remarks by Elan MacDonald, Senior Vice President, Global Public Affairs
9:05 am Introductions
9:10 am Panel discussion

  • Joan Hertz, Board Chair, ATB Financial
  • David Knight-Legg, Principal Advisor to the Premier of Alberta
  • Dr. Jack Mintz, Chair, Alberta Economic Recovery Council
  • Martha Hall Findlay, Chief Sustainability Officer, Suncor
10:00 am Q&A
10:25am Close by Jason Langrish, President, The Energy Roundtable
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