Toronto 2022

The Hilton Toronto Ballroom – Wednesday, November 30

The 7th annual National Energy Roundtable conference on Wednesday, November 30th will gather business leaders, entrepreneurs and policy makers in Toronto for discussions on: Canada’s Energy Transition.

Canada and the world have a collective challenge – to develop our infrastructure and energy mix in a way that is affordable whilst significantly decarbonizing. Canada’s diverse landscape and energy mix presents the potential to become a global leader in transforming its energy systems. However, carbon emissions continue to rise and consensus on what the country’s energy future should look like has proven elusive.

One thing is certain: as Canada’s energy needs expand, technological innovation and energy system optimization will be crucial. At least $350 billion in power, utility and transport investments are required over the next twenty years to replace aging infrastructure and develop the next generation of energy systems.

Join the leaders who are shaping Canada energy future at the National Energy Roundtable conference and learn about the exciting strategies and technological advances that are driving Canada’s transition to a more dynamic, lower carbon economy.

Topics will include:

  • Energy transition – to what, when and how?
  • Asset aggregation and grid integration
  • Optimization of non-emitting resources
  • Policy frameworks and implications for energy markets
  • Financing the energy transition
  • Emissions reduction in the Canadian resource sector
  • Indigeneous equity participation on projects

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Derek Evans

Derek Evans

President & CEO, MEG Energy
Arne Wohlschlegel

Arne Wohlschlegel

Managing Director & Vice President, Generation, Siemens Energy Canada
Jason Langrish

Jason Langrish

President, The Energy Roundtable

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The Hilton Toronto Ballroom, 145 Richmond Street West – Wednesday, November 30

MC Jason Langrish, President, The Energy Roundtable
7:45 am Registration opens. Breakfast served
8:30 am Welcome remarks
8:40 am Fireside chat: Energy transition – to what, when and how?
9:15 am Panel discussion: Asset aggregation and grid integration
Electricity provides a tremendous potential competitive advantage in a world focused on carbon reduction. Canada has abundant capacity to create and distribute electricity, but remains a patchwork of technologies, production and distribution systems that have been developed over time, often with disparate outcomes. Initiatives to spur generation have been effective, but greater aggregation and use of these resources at the distribution level is required, including to serve bulk energy needs. Provinces typically focus on energy self-sufficiency and there is little interprovincial and cross border trade to take advantage of strengths and weaknesses, and no comprehensive strategies in this area of provincial jurisdiction. The panel will examine how grid integration and asset aggregation strategies can be the basis for turning what is a vulnerability into a competitive advantage.
10:00 am Networking break
10:30 am Panel discussion: Optimization of non-emitting resources
Discussions on energy transition are often framed around what we need to cut in the decades ahead—oil production, carbon pollution. Equally important is the conversation around what we need to build and how we can best utilize these assets. And build we must. The federal government has committed to have 90 per cent of Canada’s electricity coming from non-emitting sources by 2030, up from 80 per cent now. The panel will examine how we can best optimize our non-emitting sources of electricity to ensure meaningful transformation in the energy sector.
11:15 am
Energy Ministers discussion – Canada’s energy and resources policy framework
12:00 pm Networking luncheon with keynote (12:45pm): Financing the energy transition
1:15 pm Utility Chief Executives panel discussion
2:00 pm Panel discussion: Emissions reduction in the Canadian resource sector
2:45 pm
Networking break
3:10 pm Panel discussion: Indigenous equity participation on projects
Over the past two decades, resource exploration and development activities have pushed further into every region of Canada, bringing significant opportunities in the form of jobs, business opportunities and revenue streams to the doorstep of indigenous communities. Not all indigenous groups agree with the existence, direction or pace of current and proposed natural resource development projects. However, it is abundantly clear that – where consensus can be reached – the viability and long-term success of these opportunities increasingly depend on indigenous communities and industry working together. Panelists will discuss Increasing the participation of First Nations, Inuit and Métis people in major projects as equity partners, entrepreneurs and workers as a means to helping close the socio-economic gaps between indigenous and non-indigenous Canadians.
4:00 pm

4:30 pm

Close by Jason Langrish, President, The Energy Roundtable

Cocktail reception

*Programme is subject to change

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