Nuclear Power in the UK

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The UK has a relatively short window of opportunity to make a long term commitment to advance its civil nuclear industry.  A proposed new build at Sizewell C in Suffolk, as well developing next generation Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) with be critical next steps, less the industry is ceded to the Chinese, Russians and other state backed actors.

The civil nuclear energy industry must further  ensure that it is firmly established under clean energy taxonomy; ideally, in advance of COP26. In order to achieve this, the industry and its’ advocates will need to convince a range of stakeholders of the merits to doing so.

The Energy Roundtable will host a series of virtual events later this year on why the civil nuclear industry is vital to the UK national interest. In particular, nuclear energy can provide reliable, zero carbon electricity and heating that will be essential for the UK to meet its commitments to be carbon neutral by 2050.

The online series will examine the real cost of energy from a systems approach and the role civil nuclear energy in this context, as well as it’s safety and environmental attributes.



Jason Langrish

Jason Langrish

President, The Energy Roundtable


To be announced shortly

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