Calgary Programme 2023

Calgary Energy Roundtable Conference

Thursday, May 18th, Imperial Ballroom, Hyatt Regency Calgary, 700 Centre Street S

Conference MC Jason Langrish, President, The Energy Roundtable
7:20 am   Registration opens. Breakfast hosted by   
8:00 am   Opening remarks
Morning session hosted by  
8:05 am   Panel discussion: The Energy Outlook: A key question for Canadian oil and gas producers now that demand for fossil energy has come back is how long it will stay there? In the short term, the picture looks rosy. Many Canadian oil producers have reinvented themselves from growth-oriented explorers to dividend-payers. Natural gas markets are stronger than they have been in years, and a range of initiatives, from petrochemicals to hydrogen, offer promise for energy demand. Under investment in new supply, coupled with energy security concerns, will potentially increase the value of supplies in Canada. However, despite increases in global demand for fossil energy, many new energy projects are a non-starters as governments pledge deep decarbonization, which will include a cap on emissions which will limit future production. The panel will provide perspectives on oil and gas development in Canada going forward.

  • Kris Smith, CFO & EVP, Corporate Development, Suncor
  • Heather Chalmers, President & CEO, GE Canada
  • Kevin Neveu, President & CEO, Precision Drilling
  • Lara Conrad, SVP & Chief Development Officer, ARC Resources

Discussion led by: Max Ettinger, Partner, Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP

8:55 am   Fireside chat: First Nations ownership of energy projects

  • David Jimmie, Chief and CEO of Squiala First Nation, President of the Stó:lō Nation Chiefs Council and President of Ts’elxweyéqw Tribe Management Limited; Chair, Western Indigenous Pipeline Group
  • Scott Burrows, President & CEO, Pembina Pipeline Corporation

Discussion led by: Deborah Yedlin, President & CEO, Calgary Chamber of Commerce

9:25 am   Panel discussion: Investor perspectives on Canadian energy. Investors in Canadian energy have been on a rollercoaster ride over the past 5-10 years. From extreme lows to emerging highs, the energy commodities sector has been notable for its volatility. However, with geopolitical disruption to energy markets, a renewed focus on energy security and a lack of investment in long term production, some say that the Canadian energy sector is poised for a significant continued bull run, despite government pledges for deep decarbonization and barriers to industry expansion. With LNG projects set to come online in a few years and diversification into areas such as petrochemicals, hydrogen and renewables, could Canada position itself as a global supplier of preference? The panel will provide investor perspectives on Canadian energy going forward.

  • Grant Fagerheim, President & CEO, Whitecap Resources
  • Milla Craig, President, Founder & CEO, Millani
  • David Chelich, Sector Head, Global Energy & Diversified Industries, TMX Group
  • Ian Dundas, President & CEO, Enerplus

Discussion led by: Dr. Lance Mortlock, Managing Partner, Energy & Resources, EY Canada

10:10 am   Networking break hosted by  
10:40 am   Panel discussion: Company energy transition – internal and external drivers. Energy transition will take decades and while Canada figures out what achieving net zero practically means for the country, companies in the energy industry are undergoing their own internal transitions. We do know that hitting net zero requires companies to make big reductions in emissions through shifting away from burning fossil fuels, while also using technologies that capture, store, and utilize carbon and adding value through industrial processes and with diversification into non-emitting assets such as renewables. The panel will examine the details of what net zero means for the Canadian energy sector and its companies and how we plan to get there.

  • Melanie Bayley, President, ATCO Electric
  • Scott Thon, President, Berkshire Hathaway Energy
  • Mark Brown, Vice President & General Manager, Fluor Canada

Discussion led by: Katie Slipp, Partner, Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP

11:25 am   Commercially ready technologies that are driving energy transition. Energy companies are facing an unprecedented convergence of technological, social, and regulatory forces. Technologies such as renewables, energy storage, CCUS, hydrogen and SMRs have the potential to reshape energy ecosystems. When energy technology is covered in the media, we are told about the problems with existing alternative technologies and the amazing potential of the new technology. If this new and perfect solution is coming up, why would we bother persevering with today’s non-perfect solutions? But we rarely hear about how much risk there is that it won’t work as expected, or how long it might take until it becomes available to use. This is important because we don’t have time to wait for the future’s perfect technologies, as we need action now. The panel will discuss how we can develop more realistic expectations about new technologies and their commercial implementation.

  • Rachel Smith, Vice President & General Manager, Canada, Air Products
  • Buck Rogers, Vice President, Petroleum and Chemicals, CN
  • Zitin Lamba, Sustainability and Energy Transition, IBM
  • Rob Medley, Vice President, Mining & New Energy, Kiewit

Discussion led by: James Millar, President & CEO, International CCS Knowledge Centre

12:10 pm Luncheon hosted by   
1:15 pm   What does the future look like and what do we need to do to get there?

  • Derek Evans, President & CEO, MEG Energy

In discussion with: Jason Langrish, President, The Energy Roundtable

Introduced by: Shannon Wilson, Senior Partner, Energy & Mining, IBM

  Afternoon session hosted by    
1:45 pm   Panel discussion: The energy sector’s impact on the broader economy. The energy sector has made a strong recovery and is adapting to new trends. While there is a skills and labour gap, companies are prioritizing returning capital to shareholders, which reduces growth investment. Work-from-home practices have become more commonplace, reducing demand for office space and services in Calgary’s downtown. However, this has also led to new opportunities for remote work and increased flexibility. On top of this, energy sector diversification is spurring innovation and creating new companies, jobs and economic opportunities. The panel will discuss what these developments mean for a more sustainable energy sector, the broader economy, and the trends we can expect to see.

  • Greg Kwong, Regional Managing Director and Executive Vice President, CBRE
  • Murray Elliott, President & CEO, Energy Safety Canada
  • Paul Colborne, President & CEO, Surge Energy

Discussion led by: Greg Lyle, President, Innovative Research Group

2:25 pm Decarbonizing production and electrifying industry.Electricity provides a tremendous potential competitive advantage in a world focused on carbon reduction, including in the resource sector. The federal government has announced specific net zero targets for the sector by 2035, driving the integration of new technological solutions and products. Given this tension between legacy assets and disruptive technologies, it is essential that the system as a whole provides value and achieves decarbonization in a cost-effective manner. Panelists will discuss emissions reduction in western Canada, how electricity companies are helping industrial customers reduce their emissions and how the system as a whole needs to work together to achieve net zero targets by 2035.

  • Kirsten Marcia, President & CEO, DEEP Earth Energy Production
  • Dan Balaban, Executive Chair & CEO, Greengate Power Corporation
  • Patrick Taylor, Director, Energy Risk & Structuring, Microsoft
  • Jana Mosley, President, ENMAX Power

Discussion led by: Dr. Kerry Black, Assistant Professor and Canada Research Chair in the Center for Environmental Engineering Research and Education (CEERE) and the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Calgary

3:15 pm3:30 pm

Close by Jason Langrish, President, The Energy Roundtable

Networking reception in the Imperial Ballroom foyer hosted by