Toronto Programme 2023

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SOCO Ballroom, Delta Hotel, 75 Lower Simcoe Street – Thursday, November 16

MC Jason Langrish, President, The Energy Roundtable
7:45 am Registration opens. Breakfast served and hosted by
8:30 am Welcome remarks
8:40 am The energy outlook (video address)                                      

  • Tim Gould, Chief Energy Economist, International Energy Agency (Paris)
9:00 am Panel discussion: Energy system reliability and affordability 
From increasing decarbonization, electrification, and distributed generation, to more frequent extreme weather events from climate change, the electric power system is undergoing immense change. These factors impact how the grid is planned and operated to maintain safe and reliable power. System planners and architects have to balance a diverse range of interests, including is there enough power to meet consumer needs, is this power coming from sustainable sources, what technologies does the grid invest in and perhaps most importantly, how much will it all cost? The panel will examine what an integrated energy plan looks like and how it can ensure a balance between grid reliability and affordability.

  • Jennifer Williams, President & CEO, Newfoundland Labrador Hydro
  • Wayne Stensby, Chief Operating Officer, ATCO Energy Systems
  • Diana Stephenson, Senior Vice President, Customer and Corporate Affairs, BC Hydro
  • Jim Sarvinis, Managing Director, Power, Hatch

Discussion led by: Bonnie Hiltz, Vice President and Head of Energy, Sussex Strategy Group

9:50 am How can Ontario prepare for the energy transition?

  • David J. Collie, Chair, Ontario Electrification and Energy Transition Panel
10:15 am Networking break
10:45 am

Panel discussion: Innovative energy infrastructure solutions                                                                                    The energy transition is not just about sourcing clean energy, but investing in innovative infrastructure that will support a low-carbon economy. The energy infrastructure sector is uniquely positioned to leverage sustainable opportunities that can lower carbon emissions for the sector, its customers and the broader economy. From renewable fuels, to carbon capture, renewable power or efficiency improvements, companies are exploring a multitude of options while keeping their eyes on returns on capital.  The appetite for sustainable energy options continues to increase and the sector is well positioned to widen its service offering toward low-carbon initiatives given the low cost of capital, existing infrastructure and development experience. The panel will discuss approaches to infrastructure investment to achieve net zero goals and trends for the sector.

  • Robert Colcleugh, President & CEO, Tidewater Midstream and Infrastructure
  • David Martin, Canada Country Lead, Malta
  • Rob Medley, Vice President, Mining and New Energy, Kiewit
  • Marcel Teunissen, Chief Financial Officer, Parkland Corporation

Discussion led by: Nate Heywood, Managing Director, Equity Research, Energy Infrastructure, ATB Capital Markets

11:30 am Panel discussion: Energy system sustainability
Discussions on energy transition and sustainability are often framed around what we need to cut in the decades ahead—oil production, carbon pollution etc. Equally important is the conversation around what we need to build and how we can best utilize these assets. And build we must. The federal government has committed to have 90 per cent of Canada’s electricity coming from non-emitting sources by 2030, up from 80 per cent now. In addition, provincial and federal mandates, coupled with consumer choice, are driving demand for use of electricity in transportation. The panel will examine how we can best optimize existing assets while bringing online non-emitting sources of electricity to ensure a meaningful, and sustainable, transformation in the energy sector.

  • Arne Wohlschlegel, President & Managing Director, Siemens Energy Canada
  • Shelley Babin, President & CEO, Atura Power
  • Rob Dunlap, Partner and Generative AI Practice Leader, IBM Consulting

Discussion led by: Jim Reid, Executive Vice President, Sustainability and Chief Legal Officer, Fortis Inc.

12:15 pm Networking luncheon hosted by  
1:05 pm Provincial Energy Minister discussion 
A discussion regarding energy trends, challenges, and opportunities from a provincial energy minister perspective.

  • Hon. Todd Smith, Minister of Energy, Province of Ontario
  • Hon. Mike Holland, Minister of Natural Resources and Energy Development, Province of New Brunswick

Discussion led by: Chris Benedetti, Managing Partner, Sussex Strategy Group

Session introduced by: Gary Wasslen, Partner, Utilities, IBM Consulting

1:40 pm
Keynote address: Indigenous participation and ownership in major projects
  • Chief Sharleen Gale, Chair, First Nations Major Project Coalition
2:10 pm President & Chief Executive panel discussion
A discussion regarding energy trends, challenges, and opportunities from a chief executive perspective.

  • Mike Rencheck, President & CEO, Bruce Power
  • Peter Gregg, President & CEO, Nova Scotia Power
  • Mark Poweska, President & CEO, ENMAX
  • Troy King, EVP & Chief Strategy, Technology and Financial Officer, SaskPower (replaces Rupen Pandya, President & CEO, SaskPower)

Discussion led by: Dr. Lance Mortlock, Managing Partner, Energy, EY Canada

3:00 pm Networking break
3:15 pm
Panel discussion: Energy and industrial competitiveness
Canada and its trading partners are locked in an intense competition to draw high value manufacturing, including for ZEVs and other decarbonizing technologies, to their jurisdictions. These global investors typically have a mandate to source their electricity inputs from non-emitting sources. Panelists will examine to role of market design and corporate PPAs in creating a competitive ecosystem for major industrial consumers and investments.

  • Ken Hartwick, President & CEO, Ontario Power Generation
  • Mike Crawley, President & CEO, Northland Power
  • Craig Sundstrom, Energy and Environment Public Policy Americas, Amazon Web Services

Discussion led by: Lisa Raitt, Vice-Chair, Global Investment Banking, CIBC Capital Markets

4:00 pm4:15 pm PCL and USNC announcement and signing Panel discussion: Is energy the new superpower? 
Energy security determines a nations productivity, impact’s its industrial capabilities, determines wealth and support’s social programs, and ultimately impacts food supply and price stability. The wealth of a nation is now measured, and determined by access to energy. The war in Ukraine is a wake-up call to western nations regarding the potential impacts and consequences of not considering and preparing for the geopolitics of energy security. Is Canada ready? Can we play a leading role in shaping global energy security? This panel examines both domestic and international implications of energy security, from nuclear power to traditional fossil fuels, and Canada’s role in this new paradigm shift.

  • Lisa Baiton, President & CEO, Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
  • John Zhou, Chief Cleantech Officer and Vice President, Clean Resources, Alberta Innovates
  • Tore M. Løseth, Country Manager, Equinor Canada
  • Moz Salim, Partner & Power and Utilities Leader, EY

Session chair: Olivia MacAngus, President & CEO, Colliers Project Leaders

5:00 pm Close by Jason Langrish, President, The Energy Roundtable
5:15-7:00 pm Networking reception hosted by